Portrait and Senior Pricing

Custom photography is a gift that will last a lifetime.  The moments captured of your little ones will help you to remember all their precious little details, and all the wonderful memories and emotions that you felt for your child at each stage in life.     

Many things play a part in creating and producing lasting images for you and your family.  Each image produced during your session represents hours of preparation before, during and after the session.  Each image is a reflection of many sleepless nights spent in education to learn the craft, thousands of dollars worth of equipment and props to make the images, edit and store the images, and time spent away from my family to serve my clients with the utmost love and care.  Each image is also the result of countless hours of practice, patience and dedication, learning how to properly, comfortably, and safely handle such precious little babies.  Finally, there are also costs involved in running a legitimate business; continuing education, supplies, equipment, props, taxes, insurance, marketing, and so on.  Each session fee is carefully calculated, taking all of these aspects of custom photography into consideration.

I would love the opportunity to work with you, get to know you, and create lasting images for you and your family to cherish for a lifetime. 




At Jenny Puranen Photography I believe in having photography services available for everyone, no matter what price range or budget you have to work with.

There are several options for you and the best way to find out whats available is to email me at...


 I respond with a digital magazine that is very informative about how to prepare and what to expect for your session

along with pricing information and whats included.

No matter what session you choose I do offer payment plans and Installments for my clients many of my clients choose this option

and it works great!

If you are only looking for 1-5 photos and all you care about is getting the digital you may want to join my  Face mini sessions group click here...


I offer different themed mini sessions every month so you have plenty of options for you to take advantage of one of these





When you make an investment in Fine Art Portraiture the images are meant to be displayed in your favorite spaces so you can enjoy them every day! :) I believe in surrounding yourself with the things you love and what's better than a custom portrait of your newborn, child or High School Senior?  

It's such a shame when beautiful images only get displayed on your computer or smartphone.  I know we are in the "digital age" and everyone wants "just the digital" but we believe some great things should never change...like professionally printing a timeless shot of your precious little one when they are just days old or creating a canvas piece that you can hang on your wall that you can enjoy for years to come.

Since I am a full service photography studio I like to make sure that all of your images leave our studio as tangible photographic prints, canvas, or albums. This way we can ensure the best printing, perfect color calibration and highest quality products on the market. 

With this said I do understand digital Images are a big part of society today. I do know how valuable they are and when I have photos taken of my family trust me I want the digital's as well. However you walk into my house and immediately see canvas's and framed prints of everyone I love. a 30x40 canvas on the wall of my children being their genuine selves is a work of art that I will treasure forever.

With this said..

I DO NOT withhold digital's from my clients you do get digital's with your package and if that is all you want, I do offer that option too once again through the Facebook mini session group.